3 words the experts rarely use.


I don’t know.

3 words that are not said so much because we often feel the need to know and are plagued by the WWPSS (what will people say syndrome) so God-forbid they find out that we really don’t know as much as they thought.

If you’re in that bubble of WWPSS, you’re simply living in bondage without knowing and its gradually eating you up.

Last week I got a call from a friend who needed to spell out every single thing he was currently going through. He had read my book about 5times back to back and saw some flaws he had already made which my book helped to give him clarity on but he wanted more. So, he booked a call and we had a very long session.

To be honest his situation was quite peculiar and deeper than I had imagined. To give more context, it was about the category of marriage ( a part of which my book –The Weight of Waiting) addressed but there was a sub-category within which was about his own situation.

After listening to him for over an hour, I told him to give me some times and I’d get back to him. 48hours later, I called and my first words were “I don’t have a solution”. Weird thing to say right? But I really don’t care about who’s judging. Being honest means that much to me.

After starting off like that, I went further to ask more questions in a bid to help but ultimately rather than act like the fixer – I pointed him to the true fixer- God. Yes! You heard me right. I gave a couple of advice that he was so grateful for but I also made him understand that sometimes the answers we seek for in the world is buried in our hearts because the true fixer dwells there.

So whether you’re working on a new job as a consultant or out there doing the world’s greatest job as a parent, saying “I Don’t Know” isn’t a crime or a sin but rather a strength in disguise.

It’s in that weakness of “not knowing everything” that your strength comes alive.

Wishing you so much joy and clarity on your life’s journey and if you’re starting to feel that weight of waiting, feel free to grab your copy of my book.

Best Wishes.

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