2017 Nuggets: Originality is the New Normal

Hey guys, i’ll be sharing a couple of Nuggets that have helped me scale through this year and some nuggets that will definitely help me scale new heights in 2018.

Taking a drive through memory lane, I’m currently at the point I’m intentionally wiping away some pretty good advice from strangers and friends alike. Wondering why?

Well, for some years, I thought of the rat race from a fixed perspective of ‘working the 9-5 clock doing things you don’t enjoy just to make a living’. However, my idea of that rat race changed this year. I learnt the true definition of a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

Moving away from parables…

The new rat race is anything or anyone that takes you away from YOU!
Have you noticed a couple of close friends you have who might have given you some sort of advice that looked so cool, so innocent and almost so true. But the only problem is down the line you’d discover no matter how true it seemed, it was not your truth. No matter how Original it looked, it made you fake. No matter how great it seemed, it somehow made you feel small.

Guys, trust me I know that feeling.

A close friend sold me an idea a while ago on the tweaking of my writing style. His intention was pure trust me. I could feel the sincerity at heart and for the most part of it, it wasn’t really his fault. But here’s what happened, in a bid to re-adjust my sails and become more like someone else, I lost my consistency and that indirectly affected me in one too many ways. Until I returned to my Original self (themindofcodybanks).There can be only one mind like this. It never really matters if we attract the minority but it’s important we safeguard our identity.

This in itself is 1 thing to watch out for. Never let anyone tell you who they think you should be. Discover You and Stay right in the centre of your calling.

Thanks for being a key part of my 2017 success story.

See you on the next nugget. #2017Nuggets

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