A Perfect Poem for every Perfectionist

Are you a symbol of perfection or do you overthink about attaining perfection in everything you do? I’m hoping this poem will help you strike the right balance…

What’s Perfection?

It’s the cape we wear to make our true outfit look cool. 🦸

It’s the slow poison that pauses our purpose.⛔

It’s the other voice we hear in the corners of our brainbox🤷

It’s the eavesdropping of the thoughts of friends and foes about us.🗣️

It’s the bridge we’ve got to cross if we’re ever going to get to the side of success.🧗

It’s the umbrella you carry while preventing the showers of blessings from flooding your life.☔

It’s the pretty cool 3 lettered abbrievation people wear around their neck called OCD.👩‍🚀

It’s the nature I carried for years and finally decided to ditch and replace.💃

It’s the fake song you’ve got on repeat that’s only audible to you.🎧

It’s the sting you can do without this decade and is simply a decision away.🦀

It’s the paradox you wish you had when you think you don’t have it at all.💎

It’s the perfect reward you get if you can think less about the word ‘perfect’ and become more like ‘Nike’ by ‘just doing it’.🏆

Perfection is ME.
Perfection is YOU.
Perfection is US.

God looked at us and called us Very Good.
If that ain’t Perfection-personified, I don’t know what else we’d call it.

Don’t go looking for what you have or who you already are, start living it.

💛perfect poem💛

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